Friday, July 23, 2010


I have two events left on my calendar and neither of them involves bicycling. I am starting to ask myself how much time I should devote to bicycling while I try to ramp up my running mileage. I want to be careful as the weather is getting perfect for bicycling and I really enjoy it. However, I know that the miles on the bike leave me sapped for running energy. Swimming is kind of an aside as I swim about the same 3000-4000 yards/week year round. When I am in season, I try to do some open water swimming. Softball season has ended so that makes Sunday mornings available for solid training and I will most likely dedicate Sunday to my long run.

This year I have run 174.5 miles which averages to about 6 miles/week. My biggest week has been 15.7 miles. I think to have fun during a half-marathon, my mileage needs to be on the order of 20-25 miles/week, with a long run being 40% of that mileage and 3 shorter runs being 20% each. The last time I was putting in this type of mileage, I was a dedicated runner that bicycled occasionally.

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