Friday, August 06, 2010

Stroke & Stride

I had a terrific event last night in Boulder aside from finishing 126th out of 130 individuals. I finally stepped up and did the two loop swim. Further I am turning the corner on speed and ran the 5K at under 10 minutes per mile which has been a frustrating barrier. Aside from a little chop on the water, the weather conditions were excellent.

I got to the Boulder Reservoir a little early, signed in and started getting ready. I was very surprised when my goggles broke 10 minutes prior to the start and never considered needing my spare pair of goggles. I started in the back of the pack and gave everybody 10 seconds to get out in front. The first lap was great. My sighting was off a bit and I turned the buoys wide. I walked across the beach for the second lap and took a couple of deep breaths before starting lap two. My sighting was much better and I was keeping pace with my competitors starting lap two.

Transitioning to the run was OK. I walked up the beach and sat down to get my wetsuit off. It is much easier to strip a sleeveless wetsuit compared to a full sleeve wetsuit. I should bring water and a small towel to dry my feet as that would have been nice. After a slow transition, I headed off on the out and back run course.

It was pleasantly overcast and I found myself ticking off 10 minute miles without much effort. I decided to turn it up for the last mile and finished the run at 30:40.

Overall my time was 1:06:24 which was 126/130 overall, 70/71 men and 12/12 men 30-39. I am excited for next season.

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