Thursday, August 05, 2010


I rarely feel like I need a vacation. My routine is pretty steady and not unusually stressful. Being a father of two, some of my more stressful moments would follow me on a vacation anyway.

However, lately work has been more hectic than usual. Also my training routines which give me time to decompress have gotten a little tedious. I need a new climate to swim, bike or run in. Keeping up with the house has been an unusual challenge. I am maintaining the yard again after taking a year off. Also as our 18 month old has started walking, her zone of toy/food entropy has expanded. Time with my spouse has been equally strained and rarely do we have a few moments of peace and those moments are usually fleeting.

All of the above has led to a fragile mental state. I am not sleeping particularly well. I am also not at my usual level of motivation and efficiency. I think it is just time to step away from it all. I usually do alright recharging my batteries by playing poker in Blackhawk. For whatever reason, I can forget everything else going on in my life when I am involved in a poker hand. My last trips to Blackhawk have been shorter. I have been more careful about watching the clock to make sure I am home at a reasonable hour.

I am not even sure where I want to go. I don’t think I want to visit family. I am not in the mood for Las Vegas. I am only partially excited by the beach. For whatever reason, I am leaning towards a long weekend in one of the mountain towns before ski season starts. I want to enjoy coffee on a crisp fall morning. I want to eat lamb chops for dinner. I want to be surrounded by different vistas. I don’t want to hear another election phone call. I don’t want to have to clean up. I don’t want to have to figure out what’s for dinner. I don’t want to deal with commuting and dropping off at day care. I especially don’t want to have to deal with airline travel.

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