Thursday, October 21, 2010

Personal Brand

I remember a time when individuals were just as likely to know what is going on in the world via MTV news rather than the mainstream media. For a growing percentage of individuals what is going on in the world is less important than what is going on in “their” world. That is why Facebook, twitter and blogging have emerged as valid touch points.

Business has embraced social media as well. A business owner will want to be “liked” on facebook, followed on twitter and communicate with potential customers via a blog.

Individuals are starting to see the value of having a personal brand. At one time this was limited to appearance including physique, grooming and attire. Now this has graduated to an internet presence as a person’s brand and social interactions often take place in some form online. This presence could be a personal website. For those less technically savvy it could be a myspace or facebook site along with a blog or twitter account.

The common theme is always to determine your values, personal mission and unique attributes. You can then use these features to define a simple, authentic brand.

Personally I see myself as an active father and husband. I believe in performing one’s duties because it is the right thing to do. I clarify my duties based on daily prayer and believe I have obligations to my family and my employer. I believe in continuous improvement. For me that has taken the shape of formal education, reading and fitness endeavors. In contrast I have embraced tuning out in the form of television dramas, movies and gambling. In two words my mission is to “Be Happy.” I cannot be happy if I am failing in my responsibilities or losing balance in my life. My happiness is dependent on the well being of my family and their fortunes or misfortunes. I am unique in that I embrace both discipline and chance. I believe that a path has been set forth for me and my personal fulfillment depends on finding that path and staying on it.

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