Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This season I feel like I am effectively transitioning rather than being beset by injuries and just resting. I have started strength training on a regular basis. I have also cut back my miles/yardage to a maintenance phase.

I still plan on being in the pool 2-2.5 hours/week. I want to work more on drills and also my backstroke and breaststroke. I still intend to invest in a swim watch (either the pool-mate or finis product).

The bike is where I have struggled all season and with the shorter days and colder weather, it will be difficult for me to formulate a plan. I can either focus on the trainer or get some lights and cold weather gear and try to maintain my half hearted summer schedule. During the summer I failed to maintain my low bar of 50 miles/week.

I intend to run year round, but am struggling to get a long run going. I don’t think a 3.3 mile run three times/week is worth much, but it is my current starting point.

As far as strength training goes, I am starting with two 30 minutes sessions per week and want to ramp up to three 45 minute sessions per week.

I want to establish an audacious goal for 2011 as I will be turning 40 and want to take an edge off of the downward spiral. The only ideas that have come to mind are a half ironman and a 50 mile run. Considering I have not completed an Olympic triathlon or Marathon in many years, these may very well not be possible.

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