Monday, May 16, 2011

Colfax Half Marathon Countdown

If my countdown timer is working correctly the Colfax Half Marathon should start Sunday at 6:00 AM. As a result, I know that my training is finished. I have been in a “taper” stage since Saturday when I ran an organized 10K. Since then I ran my usual 3.3 mile loop on Monday and was on the treadmill for 30 minutes today. I would like to do one fast workout on Friday. I will continue swimming, but will not be on my bike for more than an hour the rest of the week.

I feel pretty good about the event. I had two 10 mile runs in March and April along with some 6-7 mile runs. I am also pretty conservative in my goal which is to finish in 2:24 (average 11 minute miles).

While the race does not start until 6:00 AM, I need to be there early enough to park along with 8,000 other runners. That time will be no later than 4:30 AM, which means I am up at 3:30 AM to leave the house by 4:00 AM. This will be less than fun, but it also means that I could be home as early as 9:30 AM to spend time with the girls.

The weather should be warm enough to run in shorts/t-shirt and as I am parking close to the event, I should be able leave a jacket/pants in the car and head to the start with just my keys. The last large event I did was the Bolder Boulder, but I always managed to utilize RTD. Given the early start time, I don’t expect RTD to be much help.

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