Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open Water Kick-off

The next event on my race calendar is the Boulder Stroke & Stride on June 9th. Overall, I feel really good about my running. My swimming mileage is also up nearly 25% from last year (85,750 yards versus 69,125 yards through May 18th of last year). The real question is how are my open water skills?

Last year, I had a rough start with an aborted attempt May 15th, followed by three uncomfortable swims the first 2 weeks of June. By breakthrough finally came June 15th at Union Reservoir. I am currently planning on getting in the water this weekend May 21st and hopefully one other time before the race on June 9th.

Base on my experience last year, I am shooting for the 750 meter swim for the first race and then step up to the 1500 meter swim on June 23rd. One possible advantage I have this year are a pair of blue seventy swim socks. I am hoping that if my feet are a little warmer, I will be comfortable in the water in May/June. I also have a new trick up my sleeve and can try breaststroke in addition to freestyle.

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