Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Early Half Dollars

I have changed my collecting focus from Morgan Dollars to Early Half Dollars. Both of these series are popular as they are beautiful coins with a healthy weight. Further as these dominations were used more for reserve than commerce, there are many coins preserved in mint state and fine condition.

Part of the allure to me is that it is something I can claim as my own. My Father has a substantially complete Morgan Dollar collection and completing it is beyond my financial means and expertise. The Bust Cap Half Dollars is a smaller series consisting of 34 coins. 29 of the 34 coins had mintages greater than 1,000,000 coins which provide a smaller rarity premium.

I have 6 dates in about good to fine condition and 1 date in EF condition. My goal is to continue to accumulate 1-2 coins per year from the various coin shows that are hosted on the Front Range. These coins should hold their value well and provide years of enjoyment.

Further if I choose to truly specialize in these coins, die variety specialization could provide more years of collecting this series.

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