Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Open Water Swimming

I originally planned on being out on the open water on May 21st, but after hearing that the water was only 52 degrees, I decided to wait a little longer. The earlier bodies of water to open on the Front Range are Grant Ranch and Chatfield. Bear Creek Lake opens Memorial Day and Union Reservoir opens May 31st.

I did finally make it out May 30th and ventured out to Bear Creek Lake. Fortunately I did not realize that this is one of the colder bodies of water. I was at the lake around noon and got geared up in my Vortex Sleeveless, Blue Seventy Swim Socks, Tyr Cold Weather Cap and standard swim cap. My face and arms were definitely cold, but not take your breath away cold. I swam back and forth in the swim lane 6 times and was in the water for 32 minutes. Upon exiting, I still felt pretty good, but was not planning on pushing the pace anyway. On the way out, I consulted the staff and found out the water temperature was 56 degrees. I was shocked at how comfortable I was.

I believe most of my issues were due to the snug fit of my 2XU full suit. I feel more comfortable in a sleeveless suit and don’t have the same constricting claustrophobic feelings. I exited the water with a rapid breathing rate but relatively low heart rate of 120 beats per minute.

The success convinced me to sign up for the Stroke & Stride this Thursday. Learning from last year’s mistake, I signed up for the 750 meter swim and I intend to take off with a very slow start.

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