Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Candelas Circuit Race

As I was driving in this morning, I noticed that a section of Indiana, was marked Bike Race July 3rd, expect delays.  I was shocked that this snuck up on me in my own back yard.  A quick internet search proved that the Candelas Circuit Race would be held July 3rd and would consist of multiple 3.6 mile laps utilizing both lanes of Candelas parkway. 

I would be competing in the SM35+ 4 and would have to complete 7.5 laps or 28 miles.  As it stands I have no intention of signing up as I would probably be lapped at least 2X and maybe more.  However, I do intend to ride the circuit this weekend to compare my times with competitive cyclists.  This road is close by and has been open for over a year.  However, I have only completed it once as it is a pretty tough climb and a fast descent. 

As the race flyer suggests, the days of this stretch of open road are probably numbered as a subdivision will certainly crop up.

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