Friday, December 09, 2011

India 2011 - Part II

Tuesday we traveled to Ahmedabad.  This time we flew Spice Jet, which also does a great job.  We did not have meals, but that is really not necessary for a one hour flight.  I should mention that the domestic and International terminals in Delhi and Ahmedabad are really nice with an assortment of places to eat and shopping.

Ahmedabad is a great change from Delhi.  It is a smaller town situated in the western state of Gujarat.  As a result, it is much less crowded and has much less pollution.  I was most impressed by the wildlife which included monkeys and peacocks.  Our agenda here was pretty minor.  We took it easy the first day and visited with relatives. 

Wednesday we attended a reception at Bon Homie.  The food was a little spicy for my tastes, but it was great to see everybody.  I made it over to the Rajpat club on Wednesday as well and walked a few laps on the track.  It is quite the facility with the track, outdoor 6 lane pool, weight room, tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts as well as standard country club amenities.

Thursday was a shopping day.  We went to a couple of emporiums and got some nice souvenirs and gifts.  It was mostly gifts as our house has quite a few Indian handicrafts already.  Thursday night we also made a return trip to McDonald’s for McAloo Tikki Sandwiches and fries.  I ate vegetarian the entire time I was in India just to be on the safe side.  I am always surprised by the safety regulations in the US.  As vehicles travel at lower speeds, car seats are rarely seen and infants can be seen in the hands of their mothers on the back of a scooter.  My girls loved the scooter rides around the neighborhoods.

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