Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Fun

There is about a month of school left and I am starting to count the days until I get a break from checking homework and having the kids to school on time.  The year has flown by and the kids have made tremendous progress.  Our kindergartner is reading and can do simple addition and subtraction.  Our early pre-schooler is writing all of her letters. 

They have also been taking piano lessons, which also break for the summer.  As a result we will have an extra two nights a week of non-committed time.

This provides a good opportunity for some enrichment outside classroom environments.  We have a couple of trips planned this summer.  However, I would also like to keep them involved in some athletic pursuits.
Our older one enjoys gymnastics while the younger one participates in dance.  With the sessions drawing to a close, I am very likely to enroll them in classes again.  They have been involved for about a year and really seem to enjoy it.

Recently we decided to try tennis which they fortunately/unfortunately are also quite fond of.   The next session would make for busy Saturdays so we are probably going to hold off on continuing with tennis.

Our girls still don’t know how to swim and with summer upon us, I am planning on getting them both involved in swim lessons.  This is tedious as they really enjoy playing at the pool, but have not been particularly successful in swim lessons.  I started both of them at age 3 and quickly dis-enrolled them.  The older one had more success at age 4 and this should be her summer when she gets it.  Our younger one will be starting over and the goal is to get her comfortable in the water again.  

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