Sunday, July 07, 2013

MHM Cancer Sucks Freedom Swim

I had the chance to participate in the Mile High Multisports Cancer Sucks Freedom Swim.  The MHM family was hit by cancer and the event proceeds will go towards medical expenses.  A 2.4 mile, 1.2 mile and 0.5 mile course was offered.  Weather conditions were great with water in the low 70's and the sun high enough in the sky that glare was a non-issue.  The course was well supported with plenty of kayaks.  The event was sponsored by Blue Seventy who provided caps and some prizes.

I took off with the men in the 1.2 mile division.  The field took off fast and I was quickly left behind.  That was OK as I was a little nervous about swimming without a wetsuit.  I had a few mini panic attacks when the women's 1.2 mile field caught me and again when the 2.4 mile swimmers were lapping me.  I swam faster than my comfort zone and had to get back in a rhythm.

I finished in 53:08 which was well beyond by 45 minute goal time.  However it was a great experience and confidence builder. 
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