Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Years

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  This is a question I routinely relate to job interviews.  I think it is important to ask mid career in order to clarify goals that lead towards a 5 year vision.  I see myself managing a small group at my present employer.  To get there, I need to take advantage of leadership opportunities and training.  I also need to voice my intentions.

In terms of my whole life, when I think 5 years out, I think about how old the kids will be.  My daughters will be in 4th grade and 6th grade.  I will be 47 years old.  That just sounds like an absolutely huge number.  I expect to still be married to my current spouse and living in the house that is hopefully paid off by then.  I expect to be driving a new SUV.  I also expect to be involved in my kids’ activities, whether those are team sports, individual sports, or arts.  As they will be older, it will be a lot more fun to play tennis, go bicycling or play any number of games with them.  It seems like the glory time for monopoly and scrabble.

I want to have nurtured an indoor hobby by then.  I would like to start playing chess and need to start polling for partners at my skill level or playing on line.

I see myself participating in more exotic travel.  By that I mean moving beyond trips to visit family and going to active destinations.  That could mean foreign travel, beach vacations, or ski vacations. 

I see myself fit and vibrant.  I am always willing to try new things and don’t feel like I have found my niche in terms of work or hobbies.  I will have given crossfit a try.  I will have gone skydiving. 

I see myself as more spiritual.  Going to the temple once a week or being a part of a religious studies group.

I see myself in the middle of writing a novel or memoire.  I am reading more with an ear for what I like and dislike in compositions.

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