Monday, August 26, 2013

RMRR 10 Miler

Sunday morning arrived with perfect weather conditions for the Rocky Mountain Road Runners Marathon Training Series (RMRR MTS) event.  RMRR runs a spring and fall MTS which consists of a 5 mile supported section of concrete that allows a runner to complete 10 or 20 mile runs.  The course is flat with an aid station at the start, 3 mile point and 5 mile turnaround.  It was a sunny day without much cloud cover.

I chose to run in a tech tee and Nathan hydration belt.  This was pretty comfortable.  While I brought both 10 oz bottles, I never had more than 10 oz total liquid on me.  I started with water and then switched to Gatorade halfway through the course.  I also took on a GU at the turnaround point.

I felt pretty comfortable through to about 6 miles.  Then my pace started to really fall off.  I started walking the few rises on the course and would walk to take sips of liquid.  It ended up taking me nearly 2 hours to finish the 10 mile course.  While I would have like to run about 10 minutes faster, I was very happy with the outing.

Much of distance running is mental and I was worried about bonking or worse still cramping up.  I feel like I took enough calories and electrolytes to push off either possibility.

As a bonus, I won a $10 Runner’s Roost gift card.  Thanks to Runner’s Roost for sponsoring the event.  Thanks also to the great volunteers and RMRR for putting on a great training event.

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