Friday, September 06, 2013

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This past weekend I had the chance to try paddle boarding at Bear Creek Lake Park courtesy of Larson’s Ski & Sport.  It was kind of cool to be out on the water and paddle boarding can certainly be a good workout.  The lake was really calm and it did not take long for me to stand up on the board and be able to move about the lake.  I am still a far cry from being competent with all of the strokes, but I do understand that I am balance challenged.  Both efforts I made to move forward or backwards on the board ended up with me in the lake.  I should probably stay in the sweet spot of the paddle board’s stability for a while.

Paddle boarding is not cheap.  Renting a paddle board costs around $20 per hour and is available at Bear Creek Lake, Lake Evergreen and Lake Dillon.  Sports shops usually charge $50 per day.  Buying a paddle board will set you back around $1000.  I am glad I tried it and would do it again, but for right now I am enjoying exploring water sports.  I want to give kayaking and sculling a chance.

The biggest perk was that it was an activity my wife and I could enjoy together.  After some time on the lake we stopped by Café Rio for a refreshing mint limeade and lunch.

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