Friday, November 15, 2013

2013 Goals – November – Household Inventory

I finally made good on another goal.  October’s goal was to go to the temple at least once per week.  We have managed to attend 6 times over the past two months.  One of the occasions was Diwali.  It feels very nice to be more connected.

The only goal this year that has turned into a lifestyle change has been vegetarian Tuesday.  This is an exercise is self discipline.  I have considered living a more ascetic lifestyle as I often feel I place unnecessary mind share on consumer goods and personal property.

That leads into the November goal of taking a household inventory.  This probably won’t happen until December.  I will start the exercise Sunday, December 15th and commit two hours starting with the bedroom closet.

As the year is drawing to a close, I intend to start reflecting on goals for 2014 as well.  I am comfortable with my role as an employee and Father, but need to investigate lifestyle changes that could improve my role as a husband.  Criticizing, being judgmental and carving out more time for me than for us has had a negative effect on my marriage in 2013.

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