Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Taking off the Training Wheels

My younger daughter turned 5 in February and as the weather has warmed up, we have started riding to the park and around the neighborhood.  I set a line in the sand and decided it was time to take off the training wheels.  So far she has been surprisingly on board with the whole process.  The first few outings, I watched her like a hawk and she did not have the opportunity to fail.

Yesterday we got serious and she took a few spills as I let go of her.  She took all of these in stride and hopefully will continue to have some confidence and learn to ride her bike as quick as I would like.

Today is also the day to start summer swim lessons.  Similar to riding a bike, this is an important life skill.  Even more important in that your life may well depend on being able to swim.  Both my daughters have been slow starters in learning to swim.  I have not made the effort to provide regular access to a pool and they are not facing any peer pressure.  I think I learned quicker because a good friend of mine growing up had a pool and we learned a little bit day by day.

In my own life, it is an important reminder that milestones are important, but are not the end game.  Every new skill opens up a new world to explore.  That world may be Colorado’s peaks, rock faces, rivers, chess clubs, bridge clubs, coin clubs or shooting ranges.  Not all opened doors will be meaningful and several may shut as soon as they are opened.

However learning a new skill is empowering and exciting.

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