Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Skulpt Aim

Well I finally unpacked and started playing with the Skulpt Aim that I purchased via Kickstarter in December 2013 and it finally arrived in March of 2015 (about 8 months behind schedule).  This was not alarming to me and I did get a significant discount as an early backer compared to the current retail price of $200.

I charged the device and then realized I needed a firmware update.  Unfortunately, the device will not sync with an iPhone 4, so I had to borrow my wife’s Samsung.  I got set up with an account, completed the update and then was in business.  I entered some basic information including age, weight, male, right handed and a few others.

For my first pass, I just measured Muscle Quality (MQ) and Body Fat Percentage.  MQ moves on a scale from 80 (needs work) to 160 (sculpted).  I measured at 110 (between average and fit).  This correlates with my perception.  Body fat percentage was 18.6% which is about 6% lower than I measure with calipers.  I will have to track this over time to see about changes.  The numbers were based on 4 measurements (right biceps, right triceps, right abdominal and right thigh).

The Skulp can also measure forearms, chest, calves, hamstrings, lower back, upper back, shoulder and glutes.  I will have to play with these features down the road.  For now, I was quite please that it worked as advertised and look forward to tracking my results on a weekly cadence.

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