Friday, June 19, 2015

What I want for Father’s Day

I saw a Huffington Post article that struck me as kind of funny.  It was a humorous list of 11 things your husband may want for Father’s Day.  I personally am very hard to shop for.  I don’t wear ties.  I tend to hold on to things for a long time, so if you make me a ceramic change holder, it will take up space for the next 20 years.  I regularly pop small items off of my wish list and I try to pace my big ticket items out as far as reasonable.

I have discovered that my love language is acts of service, followed by gifts.  I would rather have my K cups picked up from Bed, Bath and Beyond than receive a compliment or a hug.  There will come a time when my kids will be sweeping out the garage, taking care of yard work or unloading the dishwasher.  That day is not today, but all of those things would make great gifts.

I also enjoy learning and new experiences.  I had a great time learning to paint with my wife.  My exercise enthusiasm is at great heights thanks to learning Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics stuff at CrossFit.  I would enjoy archery lessons, fencing lessons, rock climbing lessons, parkour lessons, tennis lessons, skydiving or anything else that I currently participate in or have never tried.

I do get tired and like to vegetate in front of the television for hours on end, but it would not be a particular treat to sleep in (picking up a breakfast early in the morning is another story).  My biggest sources of fatigue come from not taking care of my body.  I appreciate every single massage my wife has ever scheduled for me.  It feels indulgent and I hate calling to set up appointments, but I love getting a massage.

All Dads are different.  For me it feels like I have already got a treasure trove of Father’s Day Gifts.  My wife has been doing more than her share of household shopping, she schedule a couple of massages, I got to try Parkour and CrossFit, and even got a big ticket gift at the beginning of the year that I will be enjoying for years.  Also the family has been enjoying time together.  We went on a family bike ride, and have got out a couple of times for tennis and swimming.

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Bob the runner said...

You are truly blessed Steve! Happy Fathers Day.