Friday, March 27, 2020

Social Distancing Day 12

Well the world has certainly changed in a week.  The United States now has the highest rate of Covid-10 infections in the world.  Governors have worked closely with public health officials to lay out a consistent message.  Meanwhile the Federal government has continued to muzzle the CDC to ensure that no blame falls on the current administration.  At days end, it still comes down to individuals taking responsibility for their communities and minimizing the risk of transmission by tried and true methods of social distancing and frequent hand washing.

With universities out for the remainder of the year and hiring frozen, an unfortunate demographic of 18-24 year old men and women are caught with no place to be.  Travel home come in close contact with family members who may have pre-existing conditions or otherwise at risk of viral infection.  Go on spring break to the beaches or mountains.  Become social isolated shut-ins.

Our household had a somber spring break.  Rather than the cacophony of cousins romping about Florida, we stayed put.  We went on walks in open spaces and did crafts indoors.  We dusted off video games and board games.

Personally, I have found a way to be productive working remotely.  I have been able to exercise regularly with carefully curated gym equipment accumulated over the years.  We have stocked grocery stores and have been eating at home rather than eating out a few times per week.

It is hard to say what will become of the businesses and restaurants we frequent.  How long can owners pay their staffs in the absence of revenue?  Will monthly subscriptions like gym memberships end?

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