Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Hula Hoop

I had never been a hula hooper until I came across a big heavy hula hoop in Florida at a roadside citrus shop and then again at a rental home in Wimberly, TX.  On a recent trip to Orlando, I could not do anything with the lightweight "children's" hula hoops.

My interest had waned, but I recently find myself wanting to add a hula hoop to my repertoire for fitness, warm up and general body control.

The caveat is to find the correct size.  There are a number of retailers that will sell a hoop for $30-$50 with custom size and color.  Additionally, it seems like there is a tremendous DIY space to make your own hoops.

Karen Tiede is one of those whose website is really easy to follow.

Start with irrigation tubing:
100 psi - lighter for slower hoopers, kids, jugglers hoops
160 psi - heavier for fast hoopers, beginners, serious exercisers and men

3/4" for kids, tends to deform at diameters larger than 30" (I would be making at least a 44" hoop)
1" for beginners, serious exercisers and men

Tubing cutters come in handy or just use a hack saw

Beginner - shoulder to sternum height - 54"
Intermediate - waist height - 36"

Joining the ends - heat ends in boiling water and then slip the connector in

Decorating hoops - 
Sand the hoop for more grip
Gaffer tape and decorative metallic tape
Gaffer tape - 1" or 1/2" for accent colors

100' of 1" 160 psi plastic coil pipe = $115 at Lowes - Enough for (8) 44" hoops
1" connectors - $1 each
1" Gaffer's Tape - $12-$17 per 55 yard roll (depending on color)

I certainly have no intention of buying a $100 of irrigation tubing to make a hula hoop, but I will be on the hunt for scraps.  Maybe my sprinkler guy can hook me up.  If I could get 20 feet, I would gladly invest in the remaining supplies to make a hula hoop.

Ruby Hooping sells hoops for $65 (20% off coupon) + $13 for shipping which ends up at $65.  They use 3/4" 100 psi polyethylene tubing and recommend  44 inch diameter for a 42 inch waist.

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