Monday, May 08, 2023

Stuff - Revisited

I have been aware of how much stuff I accumulate for a long time.  I recall  a blog post from 2008 which highlights this issue.

As I re-read the post, my concerns that year were trivial.  I had been buying kitchen gadgets, electronics and sporting goods.  I still use the bicycling computer, pedals and compact crankset.  I wore out and got my full money's worth out of the heart rate monitor, running shoes, swimsuit and goggles.  At that stage in my life, I was 37 years old with a one year old daughter and a baby due in a few months.

Flash forward 15 years.  My spending on Vintage Weights and Physical Culture is bordering on obsessive averaging about a purchase per week.  Having a bigger house with 3 car garage and full basement has allowed me to purchase items that I could not in the past including a reverse hyperextension and 45 degree back extension.

I have also picked up some scuba diving gear.  I have spend some money on every day carry (EDC) items to streamline my pockets.

A lot of the purchases are on the secondary markets like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  For the maturing athlete like myself, a 13 year old triathlon bike will provide the same benefit as a new bike, but at 10-20% of the cost.

I have kept my eye out for a personal flotation device (PFD) to use this summer potentially tubing or stand up paddle boarding.  UPDATE: 2/10/2024 found some at Goodwill

Last year, I purchased a bare bow archery set up that I have certainly enjoyed, but some would consider another money suck.

Collectibles have been kept to a minimum and I have not been aggressively pursuing coins.

Most of my clothes shopping is from Costco and Sam's Club which is fine.  My tipping point is the closet being full.  My weight has been up but relatively steady between 190 and 200 pounds.

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