Friday, February 23, 2024

20 Year Blog Anniversary

Believe it or not, June 29 will mark 20 years since my first post as tech-mba.  

After a handful of posts in 2004 while I was working at Sun Microsystems and pursuing my MBA at CU Boulder, I took a short hiatus until 2007. 

2007 offered some posts on family life, coin collecting, poker and a few other topics.

2008 started with an India trip report, then got into tech toys, training articles, activities and pop culture commentary.

2009 continued with a lot of training and lifestyle posts.  I started adding more movie reviews.  

2010 was nearly all in on training and racing, with a smattering of other topics.

2011 stayed on training and racing.  I did document another India trip and other travel

2012 stayed on training and racing.  As an election year, there was some political commentary.

2013 I was a 3W race ambassador so there was a lot more running content.  We also did trips to California and Hawaii

2014 had a lot more activities like kayaking, scuba diving, cross country skiing and downhill skiing.

2015 I spun off a training (CrossFit) blog as that was becoming a lot of content.  I also spun off a coin blog.  There was still plenty of triathlon and family content on the primary blog.

2016 was mostly family and lifestyle content.

2017 had very few posts as I transitioned from Oracle to Liberty Oilfeild Services

2018 was thin as well with some shopping and travel posts.

2019 had more posts than 2018 and stayed on the theme of hobbies, family and travel.

2020 was the Covid year so more commentary and local travel.

2021 was popular culture, moving houses and also the typical content.

2022 was a lot of travel and some hobbies.

2023 was more full of shopping, travel and now the kids high school activities.  I spun off a blog for High Country Vigour so that it would have a web presence.

2024 has seen 5 posts on misc topics including plays, travel, auto maintenance and shopping.

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