Monday, February 26, 2024

Goodbye 2023!

2023 has been an exciting year marked by a lot of travel and new activities.  I finished my fifth year with CDOT.  My wife is still with Department of Interior and is an Air Force reservist tied to the US Air Force Academy.  My first born started 11th grade at D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School.  My second born started 9th grade at D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School.  My first born had an internship with the United States Air Force at the Academy Aerospace Lab under Mitchell Hageman.  She continued with the Dakota Ridge Civil Air Patrol and has been enjoying the meeting and a few orientation flights.  My second born took advantage of drop in volleyball and basketball at D’Evelyn.

My dental health has been stable, I got the implant placed on the lower left quadrant.  My second born got her braces removed in September.

Both of my daughters decided to host birthday parties at the house.  It seems like our finished basement continues to be the spot.  My wife hosted a milestone birthday at Palm Springs with the girls and then we had an Open House at our place.  My birthday was in Paris.

We traveled quite a bit this year with India in January and Europe in June, I had work trip to Pueblo in January, Columbus in July, Loveland in August, Memphis in August, Orlando in October, and New Jersey in November.  I took a road trip to Columbia, MO and Carbondale, CO.  Mukesh came to visit in March, Rama came to visit in May, Dave Chong came in July, Namisha and Troy both came to visit in September.

Professionally, I started with the Traffic Safety & Engineering group and it has been a good challenge.  I have done a lot of training and some field work visiting local agencies in Springfield, Walsenburg, Monte Vista and Cherry Hills.

My community involvement stayed low.  I did volunteer to help spot and load at a USAPL Powerlifting Meet in February.  I tried to volunteer as the Middle School Track Coach, but was never hired on by the city of Lakewood.  I did not help out with the band or volleyball team aside from bringing food.  I attended 71 AA meetings, but still do not have a home group or a sponsor.

In terms of hobbies, I have certainly broadened my horizons.  I have continued with the Garage Gym Build.  I feel like my spend has somewhat plateaued and I have been selling some items I no longer use.  I have stuck with endurance training with two RMRR events, D’Evelyn Dash and the Littlefoot Triathlon.  I participated in Bike to Work Day.  I competed in Littleton’s Strongest Man, Spring and Fall Garage Gym Competition, AFA Powerlifting and Lakewood’s Strongest Powerlifting.  I took up Highland Games attending a throwers clinic and competing in two games in Colorado.  I also competed in the King Kong Grip Challenge (Carbondale), Tough Mudder (Byers) and a Deka Mile (Highlands Ranch).  I have been more active in USAWA (completing the postal events and the National Championship).  I have continued to enjoy archery (22 sessions).

No religious involvement year to date.

We only had (2) ski days during a President’s Day Weekend trip to Breckenridge.

I had (2) days in the Coral Sea including the 4th of July bash.

Not much golf this year.  Just a few trips to the driving range.

I bought (2) capped bust dimes and (2) capped bust half dimes, but unfortunately could not add any Gupta Dynasty coinage. I expanded my numismatic library significantly with (8) individual purchases and the acquisition of two large lots of (35) and (30) books and catalogues.  I started attending the Denver Coin Club and Denver Area World Numismatist monthly meetings.

I have read (6) book this year.  Cryptomania by Neal Stephenson, Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Psychology of Money by Housel, Quit by Duke; Chop Wood Carry Water by Medcalf and Extreme Ownership by Willink.  I started Beautiful You and Traffic.  Extreme Ownership was my favorite.

I have had some big purchases this year including a Highland Games hammer and weight for distance and several grip implements in preparation for the King Kong Grip Contest in October.  I got some Bose ear buds.  I also picked up a Cervelo C2 triathlon bike and a Concept2 Ski Erg.  With gym purchases my favorite so far has been the Reverse Hyperextension and my favorite vintage item was completing the small York Roundheads.  Small purchases included travel and EDC accessories.

In terms of home improvement, we have not had any significant work done.  We did have spice drawers installed in the kitchen.  We also had some landscaping done.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost in a heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Texas Rangers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series (I actually enjoyed the American League and National League pennant races more than the World Series).  Jeffry Adler and Laura Horvath stood atop the podium at the CrossFit Games.  The Denver Nuggets are the 2023 NBA Champions. 

Political strife continues and the US Supreme Court has stayed in the fray by ruling against Affirmative Action and crippling the Environmental Protection Agency.  Even the military is not immune to political rantings as General appointments have been held up by the Pentagon policy of compensating out of state travel for reproductive health.

Diya actively toured colleges including Colorado School of Mines, Colorado College, US Air Force Academy, CU Boulder, Princeton, Cooper Union, and Columbia.  We hired a college counselor for Diya as well.  Diya plans to attend band camp.  Nisha did a Basketball camp at the Air Force Academy and AUMC camp and has been going to drop in volleyball and basketball.  It was a very hectic summer supporting Diya’s internship in Colorado Springs.

Diya did band again and Nisha played volleyball in the Fall.

With Covid somewhat subsiding it was nice to have a full travel and athletic schedule.

Best Wishes for 2024!

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